Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Clues

I have had several people ask about the details for the clues that we used for our Gender Reveal party. So, I thought I would post them for those of you who have asked.  You can read about the Gender Reveal Party here for more details.

Girls Clues:
1. Girls will never fail to get their magazines in the ______. (Mail) - Hide next clue in Mailbox

2. Girls plant their gardens by seeds, and end up picking the _____. (Weeds) - Hide next clue in "weeds" or front landscaping if you are too cool to have weeds. :)
3. Girls will get some lovin' when there's something cooking in the _____. (Oven).
4. A girl will always laugh when she's in the bubble _____. (Bath)- Hide next clue in bathtub
5. This place will be a mess, but it holds her little black ______. (Dress)- Hide next clue in closet
6.  The last clue card will say, " Go to the living room for your final clue".

Boys Clues:
1.Daddy will have to be brave to teach his son to _____. (Shave) - Hide next clue by husbands razor or cream
2.Good grief! Boys wear ______. (Briefs) - Hide in husbands underwear drawer
3. Boys don't squat to use the _____. (Pot) - Hide by toilet
4. Boys think it's cool to use a power _______. (Tool) - Hide in tool cabinet or something similar
5. Little boys will spray their clothes when they use the water _____. (Hose) -Hide by outside water hose
6. The last clue card will say, "Go to the living room for your final clue."

On the Back of each card will have a number.  Those numbers will add up to your "due date".  Or, if you happen to be due at the first of the month, you could make it add up to something else...

My final clue I handed to them:

We had SUCH A GREAT TIME!  Everyone got involved and loved figuring it out what we were having.  If you have other specific questions, please feel free to ask!!

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  1. How do u pick a number in the back int he card. That part confusses me. But love this idea