Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gender Reveal Party

Girl or Boy?? already know, but we are trying to fool people in this picture. Everyone was supposed to come dressed for a boy or a girl. Since Joseph and I already knew, we dressed for both.

One of my very best friends, Shannon, helped me come up with the idea of the scavenger hunt. A lot of these pictures are from her blog, but some are new. :) She is super creative, and helped me pull the whole thing off.

We had mostly family members, and a few very close friends that came. This is the group that came dressed for a "boy".

...and this is the group that came dressed for or a "girl". Pretty even teams!

Shannon made "clue" cards for all the riddles we came up with for the scavenger hunt. Five for each team. They each had a girl or boy rhyme on them, such as, "Daddy will need to be brave, to teach his son to ______". The answer was shave. They would run to Joseph's razor to find the next clue. An example of the girls was, "Girls will never fail to get their magazines out of the _______" (mail). We told them that this part was a race (which it wasn't), but it was hilarious to see them running through our house bumping into each other.

This was the final clue card:

And this was the final clue:

The teams started racing to add up their totals, and I was standing nervously on the boy side. They soon ,excitedly, shouted out, "ITS A BOY!!!!!!"
Asa James Ray will be here in December!
If anyone needs a fun idea for a gender reveal party, you should do this. We had such a great time, and everyone really got into it. We had a great time celebrating!!


  1. So fun! That really is a great idea! Very creative- go Elizabeth and Shannon!!

  2. I would love to do this for my shower! Do you mind emailing me the clues please?

    Thank you so much!

  3. Hi Elizabeth, :) Love your blog! I came across it via Shannons. Hehe Hope you dont mind me popping by! You are so pretty, too! :) Congrats on your great news of a little boy. I have a son, he is 9 months old and his name is Caleb. He is such a sweetie and a cutie, so i know what your in for! :) Boys are so fun! :) Not to say that girls arent too, Haha, but you will have a blast. Im sure you are very excited. Congrats to you and your hubby! Would love to get to know you better. :) Your baby bump is cute too! :)


  4. If you still have the rhyme clues from the scavenger hunt, I'd love to use them for our gender reveal party! They sound so cute!
    You can email me at

  5. Would love to have your scavenger hunt clues for my gender reveal. Can you email them to me?

  6. Love the idea. Would love to know the full scavenger hunt clues. My email is Thanks so much(:

  7. I would also love the full scavenger hunt clues! My email is THANK YOU!!! LOVE this idea!!!

  8. This is amazing!! Can you please send me the clues. Email is thank you!!

  9. Could you email me the clues?

  10. This is SO cute!! Can you please send me the clues as well??
    Thank you!!

  11. Planning a reveal party for end of the month and would love to also have the other clues you used! Such a cute idea! Could you email them to garth at comcast dot net?

  12. Very cute idea... can you email clues to,

  13. Can you please email the clues to ? Thank you for sharing this great idea!

  14. Love this! Could you please email me the clues?

  15. I would love to read all the clues you came up with! Could you please email them to me if you still have them?