Thursday, July 19, 2012

Favorite Summer Products

Haven't done one of these posts in a while...but I wanted to share some of my favorite products for the summer. Most are cosmetic and hair, but one surprise at the end. :)
First on my list, is this Semi Di Lino (by Alfaparf) Illuminating Smoothing Cream.  I did not realize how much my hair loved it until I ran out about three weeks ago.  I have fine, but semi-thick hair that likes to get pretty wavy if not kept under control.  So, I have had a few frizzy moments, and realized how much smoother and better my hair keeps throughout the day using this.  It is not thick, and I can't feel the "product" in my hair.  I LOVE this stuff!

This is a recently discovered favorite of mine that I use pretty much on all my wedding makeup applications these days.  It's Becca's Resurfacing Primer that minimizes shine, pores, and lines.  Such a good start before putting your foundation on, and perfect in this horrible heat.
This has always been one of my favorites, and I wear it every single day.  I love that it stays on all day and its easy to apply. But...what I love even more about this is the new color- teal.  Beautiful!

Ahava's Mineral Cream Body wash in Hibiscus and Fig.  YUM!  It smells awesome and keeps my skin hydrated.  I also use it to shave with since it has a creamy texture.

I love Laura Mercier's strick caviars too.  It's a combination between a cream eyeshadow and pencil eyeliner.  It is waterproof, but smudgeable if you work with it as soon as you put it on.  They are awesome!

This is my all-time favorite candle to burn daily in my house during the summer. It's huge, so it lasts forever. It's by K-Hall Designs and the scent is pomegranate.  It's clean and Fresh.

Last, but not least.  This is what me and my family call "Crack Tea".  So addicting...   I LOVE sweet tea, but I do NOT LOVE the sugar and caffeine.  This is a great and even yummier alternative.  You gotta try it!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Birthday Fun

We celebrated my friend Amber's little boy's birthday last night. It was so much fun! She really thought of everything for kids and adults to enjoy, and I'm sure she will be posting pictures soon of Cooper's first birthday- Safari style! I'm sad I didn't catch any pictures of the decor, but she did an amazing job!

Birthday boy with his momma and grandmother! Sweet Family!

Baby Sadie decided to make an appearance, and we were sooo happy to see all of the McEntires!  

Non-stop entertainment

Billy and Tatum McEntire

Cake Time!!!

Ellery- giving me the stink eye! :)  Love her!

Sweet Campbell!!!

The trampoline was a HIT! 

I want that one mom!!  (poor guy, got a black eye the day before his party) :(

We (and the Hartnesses) got Cooper his new big boy backpack....I love those things!!  We love ours!

Thanks for a fun evening Amber and Jordan!  Happy Birthday Cooper!

Monday, July 2, 2012

July Fourth Week

We get to spend this first week in july with my sister-in-law, my brother-in-law, and my sweet niece Gabby.  We are barely 1 day in and they have already had so much fun together.  We only get to see them a few times a year, so we try to soak up as much time together when they are in town.

Asa (20 months), Gabby (10 months)

He was sooo happy swinging!!

Playing at the park with my little man! (no makeup...but I still smiled for the camera).

 Playing in the sandbox with blue sand!!!

Asa and Gabby playing in the pool together!

Lots of fun days ahead this week!