Sunday, October 10, 2010

7 Months and 3rd Trimester!

Well, today marks 29 weeks! I have a OB appointment on Tuesday, so I will get an update on how he's doing and sign up for childbirth classes. I'm still feeling great, and Asa is doing good too! Here is a bump update for you:

Other than just pregnancy stuff, I have been very busy at work. This is a very popular wedding season! I have been busy at glo every weekend the past couple of weeks doing makeup, and then traveling to Little Rock for weddings when I'm not. Joseph was in a wedding recently for one of his best friends:

Speaking of Makeup.....I haven't done an update in a while for a new product, and I am working on doing my "favorite products for fall" soon. But I will show you a new product that I have been loving at glo for wedding season. It's Laura Mercier's new Creme' Smooth Foundation:

It is made for more normal to dry skin. It's lightweight and smoothes into skin without visibly settling into fine lines, while also working to treat them. (It's never too early to start!) It's hydrating and is between a medium to full coverage. I'm loving it!

That's it for today! I have my first baby shower this coming weekend, and looking forward to filling up his room!! Can't wait!!!