Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We spent Easter with my family. Church was AMAZING!  After church, We had LOTS of kids to hunt easter eggs. We had such a great time, and I can't wait until next year when Asa can run around with his cousins! I didn't get any pictures. Boo! :(  However, I did manage to snap a few pictures of Asa since it was his first Easter....

Swinging with "Pop"!

Family Picture :)

 LOVE those big blue eyes!!!

Just Chillin'

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Favorite Products for Summer

I haven't done this in a while....but I always love to show you products that I love for the season.  Most of these are new to me and I am LOVING them!  

First....I have loved this new moisturizer.  For me, this is a very big deal. I have used the same moisturizer for YEARS, and to step out on a limb and not only try something different but to really like it is a whole new thing.  It is by Natura Bisse.  It smells good, feels good, has sun protection for the summer, and helps repair sun damage.  Sun damage starts to show in your late 20's from all those years of tanning and laying out.  My advice to women in their early 20's is to not only wear a good spf, but start your anti-aging treatments early to help reverse and prevent future damage to come.

This product is awesome!!!  It's a self-tanner, but the best part washes off.  It doesn't come off on my clothes either.  It's beautiful just to give you color, or to enhance your tan for any special occasion.  I like to use it on my arms, chest, and legs. I can wash it off and you don't have to worry about having the ugly streak lines or not applying properly.

This is Sugar Lip Treatment made by Fresh.  It's $22.  It hydrates, smells great, gives SHEER color, and has an spf 15.  It's perfect to throw on with a little bit of bronzer and mascara. LOVE it!

Who doesn't love a good candle??  This is K-Hall designs new scent called "shoreline".  Its a clean, beach-y scent for the summer!  Yum!   Retail price is $24.

Last, but certainly not least is Laura Mercier's Universal Powder.  Oh my goodness!  I love this because its a setting powder for over your makeup or it can be worn alone, and it gives a beautiful flawless, airbrush finish.  It fills in pores and lines and makes your makeup look so smooth.  Retail price is $34.  When I do bridal makeup...this is  a MUST!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One year ago today....

...I got my phone call telling me I was pregnant!! No, unfortunately, I didn't get to do the whole "take a test and surprise your husband and family" thing, but I will never ever ever forget that incredible phone call. I waited a long time to hear those words!!  My sweet friend Shannon kept me company as I "patiently" waited.  She was an incredible encouragement throughout the process- I am so thankful for her! I was at glo when I found out, and I can't think of a more perfect place!

After a year and a half of trying to get pregnant, including 6 rounds of clomid and 5 IUI (artificial insemination), we decided to move on to IVF (invitro-fertilizatioin). One time did the trick, which we feel very blessed and thankful for.

Surgery Day!  They were able to retrieve 17 eggs, and out of those, 9 fertilized!  One VERY special egg was selected, and put back in 5 days later.  I got the call to tell me I was pregnant....but needed to see it for myself after MANY negative ones over the past year.

I was 31 weeks pregnant, and just had my first baby shower when Asa decided to make
an early arrival on October 28, 2010.

Our TINY little boy was here!

C-Sectoion Day
I hope next time I can be a little less anxious for this! :)  I will never forget his tiny little cry when the doctor pulled him out.
Despite being early, he was healthy! 

Its still hard for me to think back at how tiny 2 pounds was.  This picture makes me emotional for so many reasons.  It doesn't even look like him. They grow so fast!
I tried to make the best of our NICU experience. :)

Today I think back over the past year or two, and I wouldn't trade ONE hard, emotional day for anything in the world.  I know its a part of who I am now as well as Asa.  He is such a sweet miracle.  Praise the Lord for his health! 
For my dear friends who are struggling with infertility (and unfortunatley there are many many of you), please know that you are not alone.  God's timing is always perfect, even if its not of our choosing.  His ways are better than ours!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

5 Months!!

Well.....better late than never! Our little peanut is 5 months old (and two weeks). It truly does go by SO FAST!

He is such a little joy! He smiles all the time....except I can't seem to capture any. When I turn the camera on, he just stops and stares.... haha! :) It's hilarious! I PROMISE that he smiles all the time...just not on here!
Not exactly sure what Asa is doing in this picture, but I told Joseph to duck out of the way so I could take a picture of Asa.  He did good.

 Just ignore the red cheeks.... They are very chapped and irritated! And...he is so sensitive to everything!! :( 

Do you see all those rolls?!?!  I love seeing them!
At 5 months, Asa is:
-in size 2 diapers
-for the most part, wearing 3-6 month clothes- with a few 0-3 here and there.
-taking 5-6 oz. bottles every 4 hrs. except obviously at night.  He takes about 7oz. before bed.
-Goes to bed at 8:30 p.m. and sleep until about 7:30 a.m.
-Takes 2 good naps, and maybe a cat nap here and there (he is trying to let go of his hour nap late afternoon, so he's struggling to stay awake some during the day, but we are pretty much down to just the two naps.)
-Tried cereal the first time the other day and did great.  We have done it a few times since.
-LOVES LOVES to watch anything on tv.  We try to keep it pretty clean or educational :) einstein, veggie tales, maybe a little golf here and there.
-Smiles and giggles all day!  I love it when I go grab him in the morning and he looks up at me and gives me the biggest smile.  Melt my heart!
-He is trying VERY hard to roll over and sit up.  He is close to rolling over, and will do it with some help.  I still have to remember that he will be about 2 months behind, so he is actually doing very well considering.

Here are some things that Asa has been doing:

The picture below is him in therapy doing some tummy time and working on rolling over.

Went to church for the first time today! Finally!!

 \Just being a boy!

His favorite....watching baby einstein in his mommy's bed!

He is such a precious little boy and has the sweetest personality.  (a little stubborn at times...but so sweet!)  I feel so blessed to have him!