Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Favorite Products for Summer

I haven't done this in a while....but I always love to show you products that I love for the season.  Most of these are new to me and I am LOVING them!  

First....I have loved this new moisturizer.  For me, this is a very big deal. I have used the same moisturizer for YEARS, and to step out on a limb and not only try something different but to really like it is a whole new thing.  It is by Natura Bisse.  It smells good, feels good, has sun protection for the summer, and helps repair sun damage.  Sun damage starts to show in your late 20's from all those years of tanning and laying out.  My advice to women in their early 20's is to not only wear a good spf, but start your anti-aging treatments early to help reverse and prevent future damage to come.

This product is awesome!!!  It's a self-tanner, but the best part washes off.  It doesn't come off on my clothes either.  It's beautiful just to give you color, or to enhance your tan for any special occasion.  I like to use it on my arms, chest, and legs. I can wash it off and you don't have to worry about having the ugly streak lines or not applying properly.

This is Sugar Lip Treatment made by Fresh.  It's $22.  It hydrates, smells great, gives SHEER color, and has an spf 15.  It's perfect to throw on with a little bit of bronzer and mascara. LOVE it!

Who doesn't love a good candle??  This is K-Hall designs new scent called "shoreline".  Its a clean, beach-y scent for the summer!  Yum!   Retail price is $24.

Last, but certainly not least is Laura Mercier's Universal Powder.  Oh my goodness!  I love this because its a setting powder for over your makeup or it can be worn alone, and it gives a beautiful flawless, airbrush finish.  It fills in pores and lines and makes your makeup look so smooth.  Retail price is $34.  When I do bridal makeup...this is  a MUST!


  1. Love this post. I started a post a few days ago about my "must have" products. Not quite through with it just yet! : )

  2. I may have to order one of each of these! Thanks for sharing your great products! I already know the candles are fantastic!