Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Graduation Day!

 Last Friday, Asa graduated from therapy!  He had tested out of Occupational Therapy a couple of weeks ago, and now has tested out of Physical Therapy.  I am so proud of him!  Another bonus is that it frees up our schedule two days out of the week.  Asa started going in January of 2011 (when he was about 12 weeks old).  He has worked with only 3 therapist the entire time. Katie (left) has been with his since day one, and Christina (right) has worked with him since the end of last summer.  We will miss them both!  Asa adores them. He still has a lot to work on.  They are things that most people wouldn't notice, but if we don't work on them, he will continue to fall behind his age.  Learning to throw a ball, to stand up just from sitting on the floor instead of having to pull up on something, stepping over obstacles, ect.  All the little things that we don't even notice they do/don't do- but are very important.

My only other pictures I got were around 5 months old.  Learning to roll over took him a long time! :)

Hard at work!

Playing in the "squat" position.  Therapy was fun, but hard.  I will miss those looooong naps afterwards!

I believe that Asa is as caught up as much as he is because of his therapy.  We are so thankful for the financing provided by an early intervention program in order to receive therapy at NO cost to us for over a year.  God is GOOD!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012