Thursday, August 2, 2012


I have been so spoiled this past month with how much I have been able to see my sweet niece.  I have two nieces, and both of them live far away from me, but Gabby (or Gabriella) lives in South Carolina.  So, any chance they come into town, I try to take full advantage of seeing them as much as I can.  Asa and Gabby LOVE each other.  Gabby giggles every time she sees him. It's precious!

Isn't she a doll??  She turns one August 26th.

Asa (21 months)

Cute little booties!!  

We also got the chance to travel down to Louisiana to see Joseph's grandfather (Pa) for the day.  This is a picture of the four (still living) Asa's in the family.  The picture on the left was obviously the most recent, and the last picture we have of all of them is the one on the right (Asa was 2 months old).  Pa has obviously changed a bit, and we were so glad to get to see him.  He will be 90 in October.