Saturday, March 20, 2010

Birthday's In New York

Wow! Let's just say...its been a little busy! I haven't updated since our January Blizzard, which apparently, has decided to return on the first day of Spring. Lovely. :) In the meantime, we have been busy opening "Glo Medical"! We now offer laser services with our Intense Pulse Light (IPL) unit, chemical peels, botox, juvederm, and new medically based skincare lines. YIPPEE!!!! This is been a dream of mine for the past couple of years! We also spent our birthday's (which are 4 days apart) in New York City!

Also...speaking of blizzard...we were there during the worst snow storm in 10 years! Seriously?! will see the same coats in every picture, because that's all we had that was warm, and never a good hair day!

Here comes a bazillion pictures (and none of them are in order) :)....This was on the last day at the Statue of Liberty

Having a little fun at the Statue of Liberty

Attempting the famous Marilyn Monroe Pose-in some pretty nasty street steam. :)

Mary Poppins Night- Awesome!!!

Dinner before Mary Poppins

Empire State Building

Ok...If you are a "Friends" fanatic as much as I am, you might enjoy these. This was the apartment building that they shot for Monica and Rachel's apartment as well as Joey and Chandler's.

Recognize this building? This is the building they used for Chandler's Office.
We got to see the Cosby Show's house, the famous Katz Deli that they shot in "When Harry Met Sally", and the restaurant that was filmed in "Devil Wear's Prada". All very interesting!

Oh Dear! This was at the Stardust Diner on Broadway...where everyone who works there are saving up and going to training to be on Broadway. Where do they practice?? Oh yes, at the restaurant up on the back of the booths...just as your taking a bite of your pancakes! (They are all actually really good)!

Lion King Night for my Birthday- Freezing is not even the word to describe the cold. Our hats were keeping us warm!!

Here is a quick look at our winter storm!

Ready to go out!

Times Square

His parents went with us. We all had such a great time!

NBC Studio Tour

"30 Rock"

Hotel Room

I am now working on "What's in For Spring..." So hopefully, I will be giving some new makeup updates in the next few days for the Spring and Summer. Yeah! :)