Monday, November 7, 2011

Asa's First Birthday!

I cannot believe that it has already been a year since Asa was born! Time flies! We had a great celebration with friends and family for Asa's first birthday. I had been planning his birthday party only in my head since the summer. I started pulling things together a couple of months before, and set up mostly everything one week in advance, and I am so glad I did! The day before and the day of the party were pretty much stress-free and very enjoyable. I am not happy with myself for not taking more detailed "decoration" pictures, but it was a busy day.... Here are some pictures of the "Little Peanut" party:

His "monthly" Pictures

Candy Station

Smash Cake and Cupcakes

"A" Ribbon wreath that was so fun to make!

The Birthday Boy- a little terrified!

Asa's new chair from my parents

Three of Asa's Best friends (and mine!) Left to Right: Cooper and Amber,
Campbell and Leah, and Beck and Louise. I thought it would be fun to have all the kids dress up, since most of them were too young to trick or treat- so they at least got to wear their outfits somewhere! :)

Little Cheesburger, Westin, and his mom Shannon (one of my very best friends)

My sweet sister in Law flew to Fayetteville and SURPRISED me!  She was such a huge help and I always love spending time with her.

Cooper, the Dinosaur, and Tatum, the Bumblebee

The attempt at a family picture.

3 generations of "Asa's"

Kisses for mommy

Photo area

Bounce House

Ohhh...the expressions.  He was very enthusiastic about opening each gift.  He loved each one!  Here are the best "facial expression" shots:

Home-made bath toys- Great idea!

So excited about the tissue paper!!

"This is fun Dad!"

Showing his birthday outfit

 We are really trying to let him have his paci only during night-night time, but he had a double ear infection during his party, so I let him have anything he wanted that day! :)  Plus, he have ZERO teeth, so the doc said we could keep it around for a while!

It was such a fun party!  It's hard to think back on this day, because the day was very bitter sweet.  Bringing a baby into the world 12 weeks early was very scary, and I had so many complications.  However, that day is WORTH CELEBRATING!!!  I wouldn't trade one of those hard moments for anything- I am so glad the Lord chose October 28th to be Asa's Birthday.

What Asa is doing at ONE year old:
-24 1/2 pounds. (what happened to my 2 pound little peanut?)
-Size 4 Diaper
-No more baby food, and on all whole milk (as of several weeks ago) I'm saving a ton of money! This child can eat as much as an adult.  He loves most food- at least anything he can "gum" enough to swallow.
-Has ZERO teeth  ( I was 15 months, before I cut my first tooth, so I am assuming he takes after me)
-Still doing therapy twice a week (PT, OT).  He is SOOO close to both walking, and crawling.  He crawls around on his belly, but not on hands and knees.  They said he would probably walk before crawl, but we try not to encourage it a whole lot, bc they want him crawling first for his development.  He will walk holding only one of our fingers- its just a matter of time.  I keep realizing how extremely well he is doing for being so pre-mature. Thank you LORD!
-Says "Da-Da", "Na-Na", "Ma-Ma", and a whole lot of other mumble jumble.
-He truly is the happiest best baby in the whole world. No joke!. He has cried only a handful of times, and thats when you know something is truly wrong.  He has such a sweet, funny, and laid back personality.
-He had an MRI done about a month ago or so, and I will update on that in a later post.

Happy Monday!  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASA!!!  You are our little mirable baby, and we are so proud of who you are!