Sunday, July 15, 2012

Birthday Fun

We celebrated my friend Amber's little boy's birthday last night. It was so much fun! She really thought of everything for kids and adults to enjoy, and I'm sure she will be posting pictures soon of Cooper's first birthday- Safari style! I'm sad I didn't catch any pictures of the decor, but she did an amazing job!

Birthday boy with his momma and grandmother! Sweet Family!

Baby Sadie decided to make an appearance, and we were sooo happy to see all of the McEntires!  

Non-stop entertainment

Billy and Tatum McEntire

Cake Time!!!

Ellery- giving me the stink eye! :)  Love her!

Sweet Campbell!!!

The trampoline was a HIT! 

I want that one mom!!  (poor guy, got a black eye the day before his party) :(

We (and the Hartnesses) got Cooper his new big boy backpack....I love those things!!  We love ours!

Thanks for a fun evening Amber and Jordan!  Happy Birthday Cooper!

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