Saturday, May 8, 2010

Movie Premiere

Back in the middle of April, we went down for the premiere of "Flag of My Father". I did a post about the filming of this back in November. Joseph's uncle directed and produced this Christian based film. It was REALLY GOOD!! Hopefully, it will at least make it to some theaters and it will definitely be on d.v.d. My parents went down with us. (mom and dad above)

They had the red carpets and everything for the actors and actresses in this film. This is joseph's parents walking the "red carpet". :)

Joseph was able to be one of the extra's and it was fun to see him in the film. (You had to be looking for him though!)

Me, Joseph, and my parents.
It was a fun experience! I'm excited for them and hope the film does well! We need more films like this. A good, family movie that brings a great message.


  1. Elizabeth!!! What fun pix! You look so beautiful. I hope you're doing great.