Monday, September 20, 2010

6 Months!

I can't believe I'm two weeks away from my 3rd trimester. WOW! He will be here before I know it. I got enough energy today to go and register at one place. My first shower is about 3 weeks away. I definitely need to get prepared.

Baby Update:
I'm 26 weeks. Feeling much better today after last weekend. He should be about 2 lbs. or a little less, and 14 inches long. He is moving around A LOT, and knows right where my bladder lives. I had gained 7lbs. at my 24 weeks appt, so I'm assuming I'm starting to get closer to 9 lbs. It doesn't seem like very much, but he is measuring perfect, and that is all that matters! Unfortunately, I lost a pound, maybe two, last week from everything that happened. But, I'm back to normal and it seems like I've packed it back on pretty quickly and maybe more! Asa does NOT like to go without food and neither do I!! I still LOVE LOVE pizza and fruit (not together, of course). But, my random craving this week has been summer sausage, cheese, and crackers. Don't ask. I don't know why. That's all the baby updates I can think of. I love being pregnant, feeling him move, and see my stomach move all around on the outside. God is so good!

This was at 24 weeks (6 months)

This is at 26 weeks.

Isn't it lovely?
Here is my new addition. It's looking pretty good after having 10 staples removed 4 days ago.
This picture makes it look like a small scratch. I will spare you the uglier photos. :) We will see how it grows along with my belly!

Thank you again for your prayers for us! We appreciate it so much!


  1. You are so stinking cute! That is one BIG ouchy you have there. I am glad that you are feeling better, and that Asa has decided that it is not his time to come yet. Blake and I are praying for the 3 of you everyday.

    Love, Amy Area

  2. You look fabulous! (Even with the scar -- they did a wonderful job with your incision!)

    Dawn in NC

  3. That is a precious belly even with the incision!! : ) So glad you are doing better and that Asa is staying in a bit longer!! We both had a very crazy weekend!!

  4. Great belly pics, you look amazing!
    Congrats on the pregnancy, new follower here, can't wait to come back and see the baby!!!

  5. I'm WAY behind on blog reading but wanted to tell you how cute you look...little bitty thing!:) Michelle told me about your scary episode and surgery. I am so glad you are feeling better!