Tuesday, May 10, 2011

6 Months

This post is really late, but I wanted to wait until after his 6 month doc appointment to write the updates on Mr. Asa.   For the first time, I feel like Asa is no longer a "preemie", but he's just a NORMAL baby! He's finally on the charts!  The doctor was very impresssed with how well he was doing.  She said they look for kids who are premature to catch up by the time they are two, but he should be caught up by 18 months!  Hopefully!! 
Six Month Stats:
Weight: 15.7 Pounds. 10th Percentile (or 60% for his "adjusted age")
Length: 25 inches  3% (or 50% for his "adjusted age")
Head: 17 circumference    30th Percentile  (or 80% for his "adjusted age")
Looks like we've got ourselves a BIG BOY!!!

-Size 2 diapers
-Size 3-6 month clothes, and some 6 month. It wont be long before he starts wearing 6-9!!
-Naps 3 times a day.  Two are 2ish hours, and the 3rd is about 30 min to help him make it to bedtime.
-Eats four times a day. 6-7 oz., and beginning baby food.  We have done peaches, bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, and trying green beans tonight.  So far, he loves ALL except he HATES bananas.  Like..he might throw up.  Why is that?  I thought they were everyone's favorite!
-Smiles and giggles ALL the time!
-Can sit up with very little support by holding his hands
-Rolls over from stomach to back, but not back to stomach yet.
-Continues his therapy twice a week
-So happy and content unless there is something wrong... :)
-Loves to just sit and watch anything and everyone. He is so chill and laid back.  He can even be shy at times (I have NO idea where he gets that. Seriously!)
-Has two teeth trying to push their way through. Doc said it could still be a few weeks.
-Had his first ear infection two weeks ago, and his second cold. :(  I HATE SNOT!

Some things we've been up to:
 Playdate with Westin.  Westin wasn't interested in paying attention to the goofy faces I was making, but Asa thought I was funny apparently.

 Dressing up

Laughing at Mommy!

 Asa definitely has some parts that look at me...BUT....He definitely favors Joseph more!!  Can you tell?!?!?
                     This is Asa at 6 months  ..........           This is Joseph at 6 months.  Same. Exact. Face

 SIX MONTHS!!! Can't believe it!

We are really trying to work on not being distracted.  He wants to look everywhere but at me!

 On Mother's Day, we dedicated Asa to Jesus!  Again, Asa is not paying attention here! It was susch a sweet time for us.  My parents and Joseph's parents came up for it.  We had a wonderful day celebrating!

This was the verse that we chose for Asa.

That's pretty much it!! Life is busy and always interesting!  Please continue to pray for his development and health.  We continue to be amazed by God's provision and protection for our family!   


  1. AWESOME!!! He is doing so great! And he does look JUST like Joseph! It's crazy!! I love his big smile! So sweet. Sounds like you are doing great momma! Hope you had a great first Mothers Day! Love you!

  2. 'Lizbeth! Reading how great Asa is doing brought tears to my eyes--(maybe just 'cause I'm pregnant, but still!) =) He does look SO MUCH like his daddy.
    Your mom was telling my mom about his schedule while she was keeping him, and she was saying how amazed she was that you can set your clock by him.
    I know you've worked so hard to do all the best things for him, and it's so obvious by how great he's doing. What a great momma he has.

  3. I always enjoy stopping by and hearing about little Asa and you and Joseph. What a little sweetie!

  4. LOVE seeing these pics! Asa is such a big boy and doing so much. That picture of Asa and Joseph is crazy. We have some of Jason and Z just like that!

    Love you!

  5. so proud of my boy!!! and his amazing mama and daddy!!! God knew he needed the two of you and what an amazing little life you created! love you all.

  6. hi elizabeth! this is amy hill's sister...Asa is a doll!!! i can't believe how big he is getting!!!

  7. Hi Elizabeth,

    I'm popping over from Shannon's blog. And when I read that you have a 6 month old I HAD to read this post. SO sweet! Our little guy makes that mark this Sunday.

    Such a blessing and I bet a sigh of relief for you to hear that Asa is doing well! I LOVE reading about all of the developmental stuff. My little guy has the SAME swing as yours. Does Asa love that thing or what? I finally got our guy to sleep in his crib "soley" this past week, (a huge thanks to advice from Shannon).

    Your baby is so precious. Love seeing the picture side by side of him and your hubby. So sweet!