Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2011 Wrap Up

Not much to this post, other than to say that this is MAJORLY OVERDUE, add a few photos from our thanksgiving, and Christmas, and give a small update on Asa.  Asa is a few days shy of being 15 months old.  Can't believe it!  He is busy walking everywhere, cutting teeth, and picking up a few new words. Every day changes, and he is always learning something new.  It's such a fun age! (Of course, I feel like I say that with each new stage). We had a pretty hard time with him being sick over the holidays.  After a constant ear infection and 5 antibiotics, we finally got tubes put in.  They have made everything new.  He started walking two days later.  I think the fluid in his ears was affecting his balance. :)  He also, the same day, had his sacral dimple closed.  It is fairly common and occurs from the spinal tube not closing all the way.  It's a fancy word for a "butt dimple", but unfortunately they can cause many spinal issues, including spina bfida.  Thankfully, his was not related to his spine, but did run all the way to his bone.  We decided since he was getting his tubes, that we would close it as well.  It is still healing, but we are glad not to think about having to do that in the future.  After all that, he came down with pneumonia right at Christmas.  He had some breathing complications after his surgery and was put on an inhaler, so we think that the pneumonia was a result of that.  Everything is good now!!  He healed quickly. Two weeks ago, Asa and I both came down with the stomach virus.  WORSE SICKNESS EVER!!!!  It is not fun!! Hopefully, we won't have anything else for a very long time.  We have paid our sickness dues!!!  Other than that, life as been as usual.  Asa tested out of Occupational Therapy, but still goes to Physical therapy for a few minor things.  We should be done by middle of February.  Lots to celebrate!!  He turns 15 Months old just in a few days.  He is weighing in at around 24-25lbs. Wearing 12-18 months/18month clothes, even some 18-24, and wearing size 4 diaper.  Big Boy!

Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving to Christmas. In NO order...

Joseph's Family at Christmas

My Christmas tree

My parents with all the grankids!

Celebrating with Joseph's family Christmas Day.  This is his brother and our sister in law.

My two most precious nieces.  I got to love on both A LOT during the holidays! 
              Miss Lilly Anne                                                              Miss Gabriella "Gabby"

We did a lot of cheering on the HOGS!  We had a great season!  

This was from Thanksgiving.  Asa LOVES to be with all his cousins!  It will be so much fun as they get older.

Best Buds

We aslo took our annual trip to Branson with our community group.  This is our third year and we have stayed in the same cabins every year.  We always have a great time!  This year was a little different since we had FOUR babies that came too.  Lots of play time!

Praying for a wonderful 2012! It seems crazy that we are almost heading into February. Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Thanks for the update. Love hearing about you and your precious family.