Thursday, May 3, 2012

Community Group at the Park

The weather has been so nice, and even though our group is not meeting for a few weeks, we still love to get together.  We decided grilling hot dogs at the park would be a fun idea, and it was!  I love summer, especially the nights that it's not just completely hot or muggy, and last night was perfect.   Asa is 18 months old now and he LOVES to be outside.  We caught a few pictures before everyone got there.  He is getting SO big!! 

"I want to go on those slides!"

The community group girls, minus Amber. :(  These girls are the best!  They are my best friends and the biggest blessing in my life!

Even though Amber missed out, Cooper got to come and hang out!

Oh Ellery....  Always adventurous!

Amy and Nathan, who are in our community group, lost their little boy, Tucker, on February 28th of this year.  All the kids in the group were born within 6 months.  They played so well together.  My heart hurts for their family, and we miss Tucker so much.  There is not a single day that goes by that we don't think about him.  Asa and Tucker were only 6 weeks apart and I imagined how close they would be growing up together and what fun they would have.  We know Tucker is in such a peaceful place in the arms of Jesus, but our selfish hearts ache as we want him to still be here with us.  I hope the kids know how special Tucker was. We have experienced what a community group is all about.  Coming together to celebrate as well as weep together when tragedies happen. Amy and Nathan's strength is unbelievable, and they have been given peace that is only from God.  What a testimony their faith has been to all of us. You can read about their story here. We miss you and love you Tucker Hill.


  1. Thanks for loving our little boy :) Love you guys!

  2. I knew Cooper was in great hands with all you lovely ladies! Love you and so thankful for such a sweet group of women in my life!