Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sea Grove Beach- Part 2

It's taken me forever to get my other pictures up here...but I finally did! These are a continuation from my last post about our trip to Florida.

Cousin Bennett, leaning down to check on Asa.  Asa looooved his char.  He would sit and watch the waves while enjoying a snack.  :)
Miss Lilly Anne.  She kept those sunglasses on all day! 

"CoCo" and "Pop" with Asa

Poor paci rash from the sand, salt, and sun. : (

(Asa's) Cousin Bennett....Lots of energy and sweet as can be!  They are closest in age, but because Bennett has two older brothers he seems so much older than Asa since he is always off playing with them.  But, its so fun when they do play together. I hope they are all best friends.

Our last night in Seagrove Beach we ate at Cafe Thirty A.  Probably the best meal I have ever purchased. Amazing.

Asa having his first sucker....  and what did he do?!?!

.....he ran his little heart out!  Soooo much energy that night.

My Family

Yes, he is missing a shoe.   What's new?!

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