Thursday, February 10, 2011

"ASA" and update

We always knew we would use the name Asa, whether it was for the first or middle name. I love it. It is very different and not too many people have heard of it, but I love it because of the many great men in our family that he was named after.
During the Holiday's (which I never posted pictures from), we were able to see Joseph's Grandfather (Asa Ray). We don't know how far the name "Asa" goes back in his family, but at least about 5 generations. Here is a picture of 4 generations of "Asa's".

Asa James Ray, Joseph Asa Ray (my hubby), Terry Asa Ray (his dad), and Asa Melvin Ray (his grandfather. How cool is that?!!

Both Asa Ray's

We also got to look through some of Joseph's baby pictures. He is 6 months in this picture. At times, it's crazy how much they look alike!! The big head gives it away!!! :)

Asa is already 3 1/2 months old! He is starting to be so alert and smiling a lot!!
He has BIG blue eyes and BIG chunky cheeks! see that hair coming in on top?!?!? I promise it's there!!!! :) All my good pictures are on my phone, so here are some of the ones I have taken with my good camera:


Looking like his daddy!
And sometimes like his mommy... very few times!

A few fun things about Asa:
- He is about 10 1/2 pounds.
- He will be 4 months in just 2 weeks! Crazy!
- He takes 3 naps a day (2 big, one small)
- He goes to bed around 8:30 and sleeps until about 7:30
- He is in size 1 diapers, and fitting nicely in his 0-3 month clothes, and maybe a few newborn things still.
-He is smiling a lot and noticing his toys. He gets frustrated that his hand wont grab onto any of them.
-He loves to be cuddled and held. He is perfectly content just laying on your chest for the whole day. (I take all I can get, because I know it won't last forever).
-He still has acid reflux and HATES to be in any other position other than upright.
-He is still on iron supplements for his anemia. (he will get checked at his 4 month appt.)
-He is starting therapy 2x a week in order to catch him up to his age. He is 3 months, but his "adjusted age" is only 2 months (almost), which is the age of which his development level is on.
-He has no other health issues for being pre-mature which is such a BLESSING!

I can't wait to see his little personality develop more and more. He is getting out of that "newborn" stage and moving to a little baby boy! Does that make sense? He is our little miracle baby and I'm so proud to be his momma!!!


  1. Love that picture of all the Asa's, little Asa has a wonderful heritage for sure!

    Love watching him grow. Happy Valentine's weekend to you and your guys!

  2. Hi Elizabeth! My name is Blaire Perry and I found your blog through Leah Martin's blog. When I saw on her blog roll "ASA" I had to check it out. I have an Asa also, only mine is a girl! Her name is Asa Joy. So awesome to see that the name means so much to you guys... Our has a special meaning to us too! Just wanted to connect with another mom who has a sweet Asa!

  3. So sweet... sounds like he is doing great!! I'm hoping I get to see him again sometime soon!! : ) Miss you...

  4. Love the new pictures!!! He's really growing now! :) Come see Honey anytime!