Wednesday, March 9, 2011

GREAT NEWS worth sharing!

My uncle (dad's brother) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer around september-ish. Long story short, he got really sick and has been in and out of the hospital several times with numerous problems associated with his cancer. He had the cancer removed and would start chemo in January for preventative measures. He then found out that his "cancer tumor number" was 78. For those that aren't familiar with this....anything below 20 is considered "cancer-free". The numbers showed that the cancer had obviously returned. They quickly rose to 265. His cancer had spread to his kidneys and his liver. He started chemo two days before Christmas. He lost a ton of weight because he can't eat. He has a feeding tube because he can't keep anything down. His poor body has been shutting down very quickly. Doctors have given him three months to live, and that if he started a very aggressive Chemo treatment, it would prolong his life up to a year.

Our family decided to come together to pray for him. We know that "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I with them."- Matthew 18:20. We knew that we could ask the Lord for a miracle. Medically speaking, it's more than likely impossible. We all traveled to Little Rock to be with him one Sunday night. We prayed for an hour or so. We asked the Lord to bring healing and strength to his body and for a miracle. But....we also prayed for Him to prepare our hearts in the event he chose to take my uncle.

Our phone call came yesterday from my uncle..... After 4 treatments of chemo, his numbers were down to 16 and was declared CANCER FREE!!!!!! Chills all over!!! We are still in shock and praising the Lord for this miracle.!!!! How??? ITS BEYOND CRAZY!!!! There is NO explanation other than God's incredible power!! This is a very short version of everything my family has been through the past 6 months, and I can't begin to describe the emotional and painful roller-coaster. It's too great of news not to share though!! He will continue chemo until June and then begin a maintenance program. They have "blogged" some of their story at

We will continue to pray for strength and that the cancer would not return. Thank you LORD!!!!

Psalm 126:3 "The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with JOY!"


  1. Praise the Lord! The power of prayer is great! Your post made me cry. I finished my Chemo treatments in September and am now Cancer free! Thanks to the good Lord, great doctors, the support and prayers of family and friends. I wish your Uncle the best and continued healing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. WOOOOWWW!! Goose bumps all over! What an incredible story! Prayer is a very powerful thing. So happy to hear he is cancer free.

  3. Wonderful, wonderful news about your Uncle! I had aggressive breast cancer last year while I was pregnant with our first baby. I had six weeks of two kinds of chemo and then our baby was born six weeks early. Family and churches around the world were praying for us and Jakob. His name is Jakob Asa, by the way, and he is 9 months old and perfect. :o) His middle name is for his great, great grandpa. The next month I went back to begin additional chemo and radiation. Shockingly, my cancer was completely gone and so I decided not to pursue any further treatment. We give God all the glory!! He definitely performs miracles, doesn't He?