Thursday, September 1, 2011


This morning, Asa invited four of his close friends over to play! :)  Ok...and I also enjoyed visiting with my friends too!  We are in the BEST community group, and have been SO blessed with great couples that Joseph and I both love to hang out with.  Five couples, including us, added little ones to the group in the past 10 months.  Asa was born late October, Tucker was in December, Tatum in February, Ellery in March, and Cooper was born in July.  It was so fun being pregnant together, and now we get to have all of our babies play together.  Some of the older ones are getting to the point where they actually "play" with each other.  Asa kindly shared his toy with tucker today, and tucker happily accepted!  Here are a few pictures of our morning:

Tucker (left), and Asa.  Only 6 weeks apart. So fun!

Tucker, Ellery, and Asa!

The Whole Gang! Starting from oldest to youngest (right to left): Asa, Tucker, Tatum, Ellery, and Cooper!

Surely, between all these pictures, there is a good one of everyone!

We are thankful for our friends and our community group!  When they are older, age wont matter and they will all play together- Even if we have to make them!


  1. oh this was so much fun! can't wait till next week to do it all over again, such a great group of friends!!!

  2. Looks like so much fun! Sweet sweet kids!