Friday, March 23, 2012

Bedroom Re-do

I have never been happy with our guest bedroom.  I keep buying different pillows and bedspreads and haven't been happy with it usually.  Before we got married, I had this white bed and black furniture.  So, trying to get bedding to go with both has been rather challenging. Unless I replace the entire Duvet/quilt, I have just been looking for some pillows to tie it all in. I found bedding/Pillows that I LOVE!  A week later my husband thought it would be a good idea to re-arrange the room and add a desk for our computer. (Which wasn't a bad idea) But, he decided to do it without me. :)  Oh my!!

This is the room before anything was changed:

 I actually loved how the room turned out.  It gives it extra space, and now we use the room everyday!

The Pillows I bought at Pottery Barn Outlet. I wish we had one in town! (and yes, the tags are still on, but I have been too lazy apparently)

I went and found this white desk for $70 at a local flea market called "Daises and Olives" and the white chair in the corner for $20.  (There is a big black chest to the right of the room that I didn't get in the picture...)

HERE IS THE QUESTION:  I have struggled with what to do over the bed.  I have this gold and antique white frame that we just hung up so we would have something.  I am by no means attached to I want to know if I should leave it, add something to it, change it all together, find something for the middle?  I am horrible at this....   I would love ALL opinions.


  1. It looks great! Since you asked for suggestions, maybe paint the gold frame black or add a small black "something" to the middle of the white frame. But it looks great!