Friday, March 30, 2012

17 Month Update

 17 Months Old!

 This little cutie is getting so big!  He is so busy, joyful, and sweet.  We snapped a few pictures while we were outside a lot this past weekend.  Here is an update of Asa:
-Weighs 27 Pounds (Yikes! This momma is almost unable to pick him up and carry him around!)
Not sure on Height...haven't been to our 18 month check up yet.
-Size 4 diapers
-Wears 18-24 month, 24 month, and 2T clothes. Size 5-6 shoe
- Eats a TON, and will eat almost anything.  Except bananas, avocados..or anything mushy like that.
-LOVES to be outside.  Most of our fits come from me not allowing him to go outside.  He knocks on the front door or bangs on the backdoor to let me know he wants to go out.
-Talks ALL day, most of which I can't understand.  But..he does understand almost everything I ask him.  He knows how to say "Thank you", some body parts (ears, nose, ect), and how to say "MOOO" for cow.  He has never seen a speech therapist since he was premature, but he still might be behind on the word thing a bit...
-LOVES to sit and read books.  This is where he does most of his talking.  He wants me to read and let him turn the pages.  If its quiet in the house, and I have stepped away for a minute, I usually come around the corner to find him sitting on the floor and reading books.  I hope this stays around!
-Every day his little mind is learning something new!

Our most recent event was an asthma attack.  We went down to Little Rock a couple of weekends ago, and when I loaded him into the car, I noticed his breathing was wheezy and shallow.  He had a cold, so I didn't think much of it.  When we got to Little Rock, it didn't take long for his breathing to get a little worse and I called a doctor in town (who is a family friend), and he was able to get him in right away.  Come to find out, 60-70% of his airway was closed.  We had to get a chest x-ray and breathing treatment immediately. My sweet friend, Katherine, was the nurse and helped us out that day.  This has happened before back in December, but turned into Pneumonia. He was prescribed an inhaler then, but we stopped after a few days.  He was put on a steroid and the same inhaler this time around, but because they still heard rattling in his chest. So...for the next 6 months he will be on a daily maintenance inhaler twice a day. Here's the good news:  I guess because of his prematurity, he lungs are constantly inflamed and that's why he catches a cold so often which leads to an asthma attack.  Hopefully, with the inhaler, this will keeps his lungs healthier and he will not get sick as often. So far (praise the Lord), he hasn't been sick since his asthma stuff. A miracle!!

We went to a birthday party for my friends little boy, Shepherd. (Who is also Asa's friend)  He is so adorable!  Aubrey did such a good job with the food and location that I had to share. I don't have many pictures, but it was by a really pretty pond/lake in a neighborhood.  It was perfect!

This is Shepherd.  He is a cutie!!

And this little man, Porter, belongs to my friend Haley. Watch out girls, he's already taken by me!

That's all for now!

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  1. Asa you are such a special little boy. Loving the update.