Thursday, October 25, 2012

Asa's 2nd Birthday!

We had a blast at Asa's 2nd Birthday! I decided to go all out just because I figured as more kids came along I probably wouldn't have the time and energy to do it again. We decided on a "cars" theme...but not the movie, just a 2 year old version, cozy-coupe style! Here are the pictures from his party:

We made a track outside with rolls of black plastic and duct tape.  I borrowed the cones and most of the cozy coupe cars.

My friend, Shannon, help me make his birthday shirt! It turned out so cute!

We decided to use the "stoplight" as his color theme for most everything- including the food!
My friend, Jordan, makes these yummy sugar cookies! She did a great job!
I used the gasoline can for our drink dispenser (yes, it was brand-new and clean.), and I splurged and ordered these traffic cone sippy cups from
I made Driver's Licenses for all the kids that came!
The stoplights were made from Pamper's diaper boxes that I just spray painted black.

Sweet baby Maren, who is almost 3 weeks old!



Reagan (her brother Westin was there, but I never got a good picture!)

The birthday boy!

Such a fun day!  I wish I had more pics of all of us, but Asa accidentally scratched my cornea two nights before the party, so I had no eye makeup on and was very sensitive to the sun.  Things can't always be perfect! :)

Thank you to all of Asa's friends/family (and mine) who made him feel so special that day and for loving him as much as we do! 


  1. What a cute party, Elizabeth! (And I hope your cornea gets better soon! Ouch!)

  2. So much fun! What a precious gift little Asa is to so many who love him so much!
    Love, Honey