Monday, October 8, 2012

Wrapping up our Summer!

I have so much to update on, but tonight is not the night. I'm about to head to bed! We have been so busy this last month, and as we approach Asa's 2nd birhtday here in just a few weeks, I'll be updating a lot more.  I will leave you with these pictures for now.  All of which are from this summer, but I just haven't uploaded them.  We have had our family here a lot this summer and fall, and here were a few from our time together.

My awesome brother in law and my sweet niece Lilly

Oh how I adore this beautiful little girl!

My nephews and Asa (best pic I could get)

Loved having my sister in law come with my nephews!

We just walked around the corner and happen to catch Lilly and Asa in this pose.  We have NO idea what they were doing, but isn't the sweetest picture?!?  Maybe he's praying for her...

Happy Monday!


  1. sweet pictures.......but the last one of Asa's arm around Lilly is SOOO precious!!! Love you ASA!!!!

  2. Lovely children, I liked your blog! Follow each other on GFC?