Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lots of BEAUTIFUL Babies!

I have been rather busy going to see some of my close friends have their babies. My best friend, Laura, (below) had Miss Grace Elizabeth (yes, named after me! Whooo hoo) on Oct. 14th! I am such a proud Aunt! If there were some type of papers that you could sign to be a "legal" aunt, I would do it! She is the most precious thing you've ever seen! I went to Little Rock to be there for the birth and then went back a couple weeks later because I couldn't stand to be away! I wish I lived close, because I would probably go see here everyday!

I think I held her for a full two hours straight. Laura insisted, and I didnt say no!

Big Beautifu Eyes!! I love this picture! I went to help Laura take Grace to get her newborn pictures. She was supposed to be really sleepy or asleep so we could take some good pictures and poses, but she was WIDE you can see!

The nigtht when Grace was born, I drove back to Fayetteville for the "gender" party for one of my best friends, Shannon. She had a cake cutting party that showed the gender of the baby by whether it had blue icing in the middle or pink icing. The picture doesn't show, but its a boy! Westin will be here in March! I can't wait!!!

Another close friend of mine, Haley, had Miss Stella Rose on Oct. 20th. She has the best, thickest, darkest hair you have ever seen! You would be jealous of the newborn's hair if you saw it! She has the most beautiful face and definitely looks just like her mama! I can't wait for Haley to come back to work, but I wish she would bring Stella everyday too. She's the newest Glo Girl!

So...that's what I have been busy doing this past month! I continually pray for my friends who are struggling to get pregnant. Why is it such a hard thing these days?? I know its frustrating and I really pray that God would provide for them at HIS perfect timing! Its such a miracle from the very beginning process and been amazing to see some of my very close friends get to experience that! What a blessing!!

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