Monday, November 23, 2009

A Very Cool Makeup Experience!

Several weeks ago, Joseph and I went down to Louisiana to be with his dad and his uncle Rodney, who is the director/producer of a new movie that hopefully will be coming to theatres, "Flag of my Father". We got to the set about 5:30 that next morning and stayed until 9:00 p.m. It was a long day, but a very fun learning experience, especially for me. I was able to go watch the lead makeup artist do the makeup for all the actors and actresses, even some battle wounds too. With all the high-definition cameras that are out now, she had to use certain products that are made for high-def television. I learned a lot about special effects makeup, and also learned that its something I would never be good at! :)
(Below is a picture of a cemetary scene. We were able to watch everyone in action!)

This is the lead makeup artist working on Gigi, the lead actress of the movie. She is trying to create a deep scratch from a car accident. She used silicone to build the texture and did the rest by painting free-hand. JUST REMEMBER....ITS FAKE!! Its kind of gross to look at, but it was such an awesome thing to experience, because its a whole new level of being a "makeup artist." She was truly an "artist"!

Gross, I know! looks so real!

Hanging out in the r.v.

They have two screens that shows the two different angles. You can watch this to see how it will look like on screen.

Me and Gabriel (playing gigi's husband in the movie)

Me and John Schneider, "Bo Duke", (playing one of Gigi's brothers in the movie)

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