Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Catch up and South Carolina

Because I'm terrible at blogging, here are a few pictures I never got around to posting after Asa's birthday and of my South Carolina trip at the beginning of this month. 

 I love this picture of them....

 Bennett and Asa- 5 months apart and they have so much fun together.  I hope they are always close

 Me and Lilly


I also went to South Carolina, along with my sister, to visit my sister-in-law.  I am crazy blessed to have two family that love to hang out together.  My in-laws and my parents are very close and so are each of our siblings.  It's so nice!
 My sister, sister in law and their girls

We went to the zoo and Lilly kept "honking" her nose because that's what the monkeys all sounded like.  They were in awe.

I'm partial, but I have the two cutest nieces in the whole world.

 Doll Babies!

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  1. Hey I came across your page while I was searching for; Asa Melvin Ray Sr. and looks like we are related somehow!

    I'm Jamie Marvin, apparently Asa Melvin Ray is my 2nd great grand uncle:-P

    Feel free to contact me; would love to hear more about the family.