Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We were able to get an entire week holiday vacation down in Little Rock for thanksgiving. Joseph has the pleasure of being able to work there if needed, and it has been the biggest blessing. We were able to see his parents before they left to go out of town for thanksgiving, and then we headed over to my parents Wednesday through Sunday. Wednesday, we went downtown to eat and then to ice skate.  Feels a little weird when its not that cold outside- but it was so fun!
Cousins! (we did not plan their navy shirts, but it worked out perfect!)

Asa liked watching us for a little bit. It didn't last long.

It was Barrett and Branton's first time to ice-skate, and even Bennett got to take a turn around!
Joseph showed off his many ice-skating skills all  night. :)

Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful as usual!  I love getting to spend time with our families during the holidays.

Can you tell its No-Shave Novemeber?!?  It's for prostate cancer awareness, but I hate the beard every year.  

Count down to Christmas has begun!!


  1. Lovely and warm family. Last year I spent guild wars 2 gold with my parents at Thanksgiving.

  2. Ah! I definitely know about no-shave November. It is my birthday in November and my husband keeps beard every year during the month. It is for a good cause and moreover he looks good too. Anyways, this is a fantastic post and I think I have seen an event space Atlanta just like this. It is a nice place.

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